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Companion Housing Programs, Inc.

Companion Housing Programs, Inc. has a long history of providing supportive services to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve their goals. We work on behalf  of the individuals who put their trust in us, assuring they be afforded the same opportunities as everyone else.

Waivered Services

We support individuals who are receiving waivered services or are eligible to receive waivered services which include DD, CADI and Brain Injury. See our services page to learn more about the services we provide.

What do people say about Companion Housing?

“We go to fun places like the park and we have picnics.
I like where I live because we do things with our friends!”

“I feel happy and I like the activities we do.
My workers help me and are nice.”

“My uncle has a great time living with his friends at Companion Housing Programs. I know he’s well taken care of and that he’s happy.”

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